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Hot Tubs for Hire – About Our Hot Tubs

We operate for hire, the range of hot tubs from Softub. Tried and tested and proved to offer great reliability, enjoyment and comfort for the last 20 years.

The highly efficient thermostat will automatically turn on and off as the temperature falls below, then reaches, the set temperature to maintain the water temperature you have selected (up to 40 degrees C).In addition, the detachable thermal cover allows the water temperature to be easily maintained …so making your hot tub, truly inviting ..day or night ..winter or summer !

Our Softubs have 5 jets (4 berth) or 8 jets ( 6berth).
Equipped with a 2 speed pump,you have the choice of a soft, gentle jet cycle in addition to a more vigorous standard jet cycle, making relaxation and fun possible at the touch of a button.

The digital controls are set to run two 15 – minute filtration cycles in a 24 hour period thus aiding a clean and hygienic water environment.This is further enhanced by our easy to use water balance kits, as provided with every hire.


6 berth
Water Capacity 300 gals
Outside Diameter 78″
Overall Height 27″
Water Depth 21″
Jets 8

Outside Diameter 18″
Height 23″

Tub (dry) 75bs
Thermal cover 20lbs
Motor Unit 45lbs
With Water 2,744lbs
Please note Dead Weight Floor Loading is 170lbs per Square Foot.

For maximum benefit our hot tubs need to be sited on firm bases, that are free of sharp objects. An area of up to 8 foot diamater is required to install out 6/7 berth softtub.


Our prices start from £149 to hire a hot tub for the weekend .
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